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Jennifer Leigh, PsyD

Health and Wellness Coach

I Can Help You

I suffered from poor mental and physical health for decades. I tried talk therapy, CBT, EMDR, hypnosis, acupuncture, meditation, bodywork,  vitamins and supplements,  but nothing helped my anxiety/panic and fatigue. 

My doctor gave me a benzodiazepine, an anti-anxiety medication. I took it as prescribed, but eventually, it damaged my brain as it does in many people. It took years to recover.
I spent those years researching how to heal my brain and body. What I learned and put into practice changed my life.

I’ve helped people from all around the world learn how to be happy and healthy. I coach, speak, write, and hold workshops on health and well-being.

I have a doctorate in psychology and postdoc social neuroscience studies (polyvagal theory). I’m certified in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University and trained in the health of the gut microbiome.

I am anxiety/panic and medication free. I am thriving!


My Beliefs And Practices

A Holistic Approach

We don’t achieve health and happiness by addressing an isolated issue. We thrive by addressing the “whole” of us. That is what the four cornerstones of well-being target: everything that is needed to heal.

Polyvagal Theory Is Powerful

Anxiety, fear, and stress reside in the body, not just in the brain, but in our minds. Dr. Stephen’s polyvagal theory helps us to understand the hierarchy of the nervous system and offers tools to help us navigate our way into the highest state, ventral vagal, to be creative, productive, healthy, and happy.

What You Eat Could Be Eating At You

All animal protein—eggs, dairy, and flesh from fish, fowl, or mammals— causes inflammation. It can turn on the sympathetic stress response of fight or flight. Animal products can cause heart disease, cancers, type II diabetes, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, to mention a few health problems. What we eat either helps us or harms us. What is your diet doing to you?

The Four Cornerstones

Our health is created and supported by four cornerstones: eat right, move enough, stress less, and love well. I teach my clients how to live these four cornerstones so they can thrive!

Career Highlights/Education

    • Doctorate in Psychology, Cal Southern University
    • Guest on radio and television
    • Award-winning author
    • Numerous self-help books
    • Top-tier media interviews
    • Online contributor for Psychology Today
    • Global speaking engagements
    • Online workshops
    • Adjunct professor at Stanford University 
    • Certified in plant-based nutrition, Cornell University
    • Gut health microbiome 
    • Leading authority on benzodiazepine withdrawal
    • Taught medical professionals about benzo withdrawal
    • Heal With Dr. Jenn support group